Welcome to Rakaro Bulldogs

Here at Rakaro Bulldogs we strive to breed true to the Bulldog standard.  We personally show and train our dogs and enjoy spending many hours in their company.  Our dogs are our family first and show dogs second.  

I was raised with Shetland Sheepdogs, of which my family bred, trained and showed.  I grew up with dogs and spent time with my Dad and sister at shows in BC.   Junior handling was a big part of my childhood.  I continued with owning, training and showing dogs when I grew up I owned and handled English Springer Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers.  

Our family made a move to rural northern Alberta to a farm and it was at that point that we took a hiatus from showing dogs to raise our boys.  We adopted our farm dogs from the local SPCA and what a delight they were.  Sadie still lives with us and helps to raise our pups :).

Now that our children are grown up, we have embarked on a lifelong dream of owning, training, showing and occasionally breeding Bulldogs.  And a few years ago we embarked on a new love, the Bullmastiff.   We now have the space, time and energy to give to these amazing breeds.  

Our focus is on breeding true to the Bulldog standards and raising amazing healthy family members from health tested parents.  Occasionally we may offer a puppy to a show home.  We have met some terrific mentors in these two breed communities and always continue to grow and learn.

We love to talk Bulldogs so if you would like to chat, please drop us an email.